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The Things Kids are Scared Of

By L. V.-J.

These are some ways children get scared at bedtime.  Sometime kids are scared of creepy eyes of dolls because you might feel that they are going to walk into you.  The second reason is that shadows are scary because it can make a person or animal.  My third reason is that faces are in the windows are scary because you can think that someone is going to do something bad.  These are some ways that kids can get scared at bedtime:  creepy doll eyes, shadows, and faces.


What Kids are Scared of

By K. L.-D.

Many kids have things they are scare about at night.  For examples, the kids saw a scary movie about ghosts and can't go to sleep. They look around their room for ghosts all night.  An other example is there brothers and sisters scared him with the bogey man. At night his parents go get water and he thought it was the bogey man.   These are some ways kids are scared of nighttime:  ghosts, people walking, and noises.




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